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Paddle trim set for two piece paddles

This handle strip set helps you to ovalize a round paddle shaft in the grip area.
Thinner shafts can also be widened. With the handle
insert you get a better grip and know while Eskimotieren
as your paddle blade on the water.

Included in the set:

Grip insert and one meter heat shrink tubing in black.

Dimensions of the handle insert:

Length: ca. 28cm
Width: ca. 2,2cm
Height: about 9mm
Weight: ca. 10g

Wall thickness shrink tubing about 0,4mm to 25- 35mm tube diameter suitable

Mounting Note.

Fix the handle insert with double-sided adhesive tape.
Pull the shrink tubing over it and heat it carefully with a hot air
blower at a distance of approx. 10 cm (don't over heat)
until it stretches tightly over it.

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